2006 Annual Shoot

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The Posses

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The Color Guard

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Shoot Pictures

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Some of our Pards


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Main Match Winners

The top shooter in each class received a plaque and the second and third place shooters each received a framed certificate. Congratulations to all NTR winners!

Black Powder Duelist

1st-Vince Orr

2nd-Al Weaver

3rd-Jim Shellhammer

Black Powder Shootist

1st-Joe Krumbach

2nd-Dave McFarland

3rd-Andy Fink


1st-Kenneth Buckingham

Grand Lady

1st-Betty Andersen

Junior Boys

1st-Jake Milone

2nd-Jordan Bledsoe

3rd-Andrew Johnson

Junior Girls

1st-Chelsea Tysor

2nd-Erika Orr


1st-Cindy Rollins

2nd-Lisa Juilfs

3rd-Rita Livengood

Lady Duelist

1st-Lani Jump

Smokeless Duelist

1st-Rob Jump

2nd-Bill Denny

3rd-Tom Hewitt

Senior Ladies

1st-Cathie Parrino

2nd-Ginger Tysor

3rd-Sharon Dahl

Senior Men

1st-Ron Ewasiuk

2nd-Paul Stone

3rd-Roger Schultz

Smokeless Shootist

1st-Steve Paulson

2nd-James Norris

3rd-Jerry Stanton


1st-Norm Rollins

2nd-Joe Parrino

3rd-Robert Andersen (not pictured)

Working Cowboys

1st-Tony Cardenas

2nd-Lee Goodwin

3rd-Jim Morrow

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Other Winners

Couple Shoot:

Jack Tysor & Granddaughter Chelsea

Fastest Shotgun & Rifle-Steve Paulson

Fastest Pistol-Jerry Stanton

Quick Fire Stages:

Men: Steve Paulson

Ladies: Cathie Parrino

Team Match

Harold Morris, Tony Cardenas, John Picklesimer, Jerry Morgan, and Mark Covert (not pictured)

Trailwalk - James Norris

Marshal Nabity presenting Steve Paulson with Top Gun Award

2006 Top Gun

Steve Paulson

David McGath Won the 1887 Shotgun!


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