2007 Annual Shoot

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The Posses
The Color Guard
Shoot Pictures
Some of Our Pards
Main Match Winners
Other Winners
Top Gun

The Posses

Posse 1

Posse 3

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Posse 7

Posse 9

Stage Drivers

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The Color Guard

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Shoot Pictures

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Some of our Pards

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Main Match Winners

The top shooter in each class received a plaque and the second and third place shooters each received a framed certificate. Congratulations to all NTR winners!

Black Powder Duelist

1st - Surly Bob

2nd - Ornery Orr

3rd - Dave Otte

Black Powder Shootist

1st - Tommy T

2nd - MT Brass

3rd - Tejas Sixgun

Smokeless Duelist

1st - Kaycee McCaylum

2nd - Pit Mule

3rd - Bronco Terry


1st - Lee Goodwin

2nd - Glenn Burley

3rd - Wily Cayuse


1st - Calhoun Drew

3rd - Colton Schroeder


2nd - Payton Fluckey


1st - Little Lou

2nd - Kalamity Horseshoe

3rd - Nellie Fontana

Lady Duelist

1st - Songbird

Lady Gunslinger

1st - Lola Karloff

Senior Ladies

1st - Annie Noah

2nd - 44 Maggie

3rd - Ginny Crump


1st - Fingers McGee

Senior Duelist

1st - Redwing

2nd - Colonel J Fighters

3rd - Peasack


1st - El Viejo

2nd - Crisco Kid

3rd - Sam Bass

Smokeless Shootist

1st - Wild Ben Raymond

2nd - Spittin Lead (not pictured)

3rd - Capt. Jim Midnight


1st - Jerky Jaw

2nd - Pelon

3rd - Robert Andersen

Working Cowboy

1st - Tuco

2nd - Cimarron Slim

3rd - John Jordison

Grandpa & Grandson

1st Place Winners!!

Jerky Jaw & Calhoun Drew

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Other Winners

Couple's Shoot

Miss Kitty Morris & Marshall Morris

Quick Fire Match

Firewater & Songbird

Fastest Rifle

Bronco Terry

Fastest Pistol & Shotgun

Wild Ben Raymond



Team Match

Kalamity Horseshoe Prairie Dog Ron Calhoun Drew Marshall Morris Lefty Mills Spenerdy

Winner of a Pair of Rugers!!

Wily Cayuse

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Top Gun

Many shooters competed in the Man on Man competition for Top Gun. In the end it came down to a shoot off between Firewater & Wild Ben Raymond.

Beginning of the last round between Firewater & Wild Ben Raymond

The shotgun

It's a race to the finish with the rifles!

Grassy Noel presenting plaque to Wild Ben Raymond

Wild Ben Raymond

NTR's 2007 TOP GUN!

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