2010 Annual Shoot

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12th Annual Midwest Shootout - September 24, 25, 26, 2010

Shoot Pictures
Some of Our Pards
Stage Drivers
Main Match Winners
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I Pledge Allegiance......

Shooters' Meeting

Safety Meeting

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Stage Drivers

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Shoot Pictures

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Some of Our Pards

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Stage Drivers

We owe a world of thanks to our Stage Drivers. They shoot the match on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and then work the entire weekend. Stage Drivers ensure we have a safe, fun, and fair match. Each Stage Driver is assigned to one stage to ensure each stage is shot the same by every shooter. They also help out with other chores throughout the weekend. We can't thank them enough!

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Main Match Winners

Black Powder Shootist

1st Place - Marshall Morris

2nd Place - M.T. Brass

3rd Place - Quick Fire

Black Powder Duelist

1st Place - Ornery Orr

2nd Place - Tejas

3rd Place - Fingers McGee

Smokeless Duelist

1st Place - Kaycee McCaylum

2nd Place - Eldorado Wayne

3rd Place - Sheriff Chubby Johnson


1st Place - Grant

2nd Place - Payin' for Nothin'

3rd Place - Calhoun Drew


1st Place - Missalotta T

2nd Place - Miss Kitty Morris

3rd Place - Little Lou

Smokeless Shootist

1st Place - Wild Ben Raymond

2nd Place - Cpt Jim Midnight

3rd Place - Two Wheel Tom

Senior Duelist

1st Place - Hyman Oldcowhand

2nd Place - Col J Fighters

3rd Place - Redwing

Ladies Senior

1st Place - Ginny Crump

2nd Place - Granger Grannie

3rd Place - Dirty Mary


1st Place - Half Fast

2nd Place - Sam Bass

3rd Place - El Viejo


1st Place - Cap. K. Hawk

2nd Place - Haystack

3rd Place - Flint Valdez

Range Detective

1st Place - Dustin Robbins

2nd Place - Tieville Trouble

3rd Place - Doc Gary

Working Cowboy

1st Place - Wily Cayuse

2nd Place - Cimarron Slim

3rd Place - Scruffy Skippy

Working Cowgirl

1st Place - Little Leigh

2nd Place - Three Horse

Ladies Duelist

1st Place - Songbird

2nd Place - Black Hills McCue

Ladies Range Detective

1st Place - Miss Theresa


1st Place - Bloomin' Thistle

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Other Winners

Cowboy Clays

Top Cowboy - Cap Horn

Top Cowgirl - Miss Kitty Morris

Fastest SxS Shotgun

Top Cowboy - Marshal Morris

Top Cowgirl - Miss Kitty Morris

Winner of Gun Raffle!

Jackalope Jim

NTR's 2010 Top Gun!

Cpt Jim Midnight

Future Cowboy Shooters!

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