2012 Annual Shoot

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Nebraska Territorial Rangers
14th Annual Midwest Shootout - Gun Fire in The Hills!
August 24 - 26, 2012


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Shoot Pictures
Some of our Pards
Stage Drivers
Main Match Winners
Other Winners
Prize Drawing


Stage Drivers & Workers

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Shoot Pictures

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Some of Our Pards

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Stage Drivers

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Main Match Winners

Smokeless Shootist

1st Place - Wild Ben Raymond

2nd Place - Capt Jim Midnight

3rd Place - Two Wheel Tom


1st Place - DB Belle

2nd Place - Slingin Sam

3rd Place - Red Hot Rascal


1st Place - El Viejo

2nd Place - Marshall Morris

3rd Place - Six Killer Stan

Ladies Senior

1st Place - Miss Kitty Morris

2nd Place - Little Lou


1st Place - Prairie Dog

2nd Place - Crisco Kid

3rd Place - Flint Valdez

Black Powder Duelist

1st Place - Surly Bob

2nd Place - Iowa Wiley Stafford

3rd Place - Lil Buckaroo

Ladies Black Powder Shootist

1st Place - Frilly Knickers

Black Powder Shootist

1st Place - Tejas


1st Place - Fingers McGee

2nd Place - Quick Fire

Ladies Range Detective

1st Place - Kalamidy Horseshoe

2nd Place - Miss Theresa

Range Detective

1st Place - Wes Beckett US Marshal

2nd Place - Jim Quackenbush

3rd Place - Tieville Trouble

Senior Duelist

1st Place - Crooked Creek

2nd Place - Cimarron Slim

3rd Place - Steel Tree

Smokeless Duelist

1st Place - Bronco Terry

2nd Place - Tuco

3rd Place - Pit Mule

Junior Girl

1st Place - Bloomin Thistle

Junior Boy

1st Place - Payin for Nothin

2nd Place - Lakeshore Ranger

3rd Place - AJ

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Other Winners

Fastest Lever/Pump Shotgun

Top Man: Wild Ben Raymond

Top Lady: Frilly Knickers

Fastest SxS Shotgun

Top Man: Two Wheel Tom

Top Lady: Slingin Sam

Long Range Rifle

Top Man: Bronco Terry

Top Lady: DB Bell

Fastest Rifle

Top Man: El Viejo

Top Lady: Kalamity Horseshoe

Fastest Pistol

Top Man: Capt Jim Midnight

Top Lady: 2 Step Terry

Long Range Pistol

Top Man: Two Wheel Tom

Top Lady: Short Rein

Quick Fire Stages

Top Man: Capt Jim Midnight

Top Lady: Slingin Sam

Cowboy Clays

Top Man: Doc Horseshoe

Top Lady: Short Rein

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Prize Drawing

Every competitor's name was entered into a prize drawing. Below are pictures of a few of the winners!

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Last, But Not Least, Fingers McGee Says the Food Was Finger Lickin' Good!

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