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Safety Penalties

No cocked revolver may ever leave a shooter's hand. This also means from one hand to the other. Stage Disqualification

Anytime a pistol is holstered and the hammer is not all the way down on either an empty chamber or a spent case it will result in a Stage Disqualification.

De-cocking a loaded gun under the clock is forbidden. Once a live round is placed under the hammer of a pistol or rifle, the round is to be shot. If this caused the firearm to be shot out of sequence the shooter will be given a procedural. The shooter may be given the option to reload a round fired from an incorrect position. A procedure penalty would be in order, but reloading a round from the correct position would potentially eliminate the miss if the correct target is hit. Shotguns may be opened and rounds removed or replaced without penalties.

The shooter shall never be allowed to move with a cocked, loaded firearm in hand. Once the firearm is cocked, one foot must remain in place on the ground until the firearm is made safe. 1st violation will result in a Stage Disqualification; 2nd violation will result in a Match Disqualification.

Any unloaded gun dropped during a stage will result in a Stage Disqualification.

A dropped loaded gun is a Match Disqualification.

A shooter will not pick up a dropped gun. The Posse Marshal or timer will recover the gun, examine it, clear it, (if necessary), and return it to the shooter and assess the penalty.

Any discharge, accidental or otherwise, that hits the ground or stage prop less than five feet from the shooter will result in a Match Disqualification.

Accidental discharge striking anything five to ten feet from the shooter is a Stage Disqualification.

Any rifle or pistol round discharged over the berm is a Match Disqualification.

Gun handling off the line will only be done in designated areas.

Empty brass found in revolvers at beginning of new stage (loading table), is a minor 10-second safety penalty.

It is permissible for mule-eared shotguns to be cocked at the beginning of a scenario whether staged or in the shooter's hands.

Upon completion of firing, long guns will have their actions open (10-second minor safety penalty).

A live round left in the chamber of a long gun is a Stage Disqualification. A live round left in a magazine or on the carrier is a 10-second minor safety violation.

Malfunctioning guns still containing rounds will not warrant penalties so long as the malfunction is declared and the gun made safe.

Dropped unloaded guns away from the firing line will be a no call.

An open empty gun that slips and falls after being set down at the end of a shooting string and does not break the 170 degree safety rule or sweep anyone, will result in either a prop failure call or a 10-second minor safety violation. An empty long gun staged that falls and breaks the 170 degree or sweep anyone will result in a Stage Disqualification.

A loaded gun away from the firing line is a Match Disqualification.

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Misses & Procedurals

Unless otherwise stated in the stage directions, all missed targets will result in a 5-second penalty.

A 10-second penalty is assessed for shooting firearms out of order or shooting targets out of sequence. Only one procedural of this type can be assessed per stage.

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Spirit of the Game

A 30-second "Spirit-of-the-Game" penalty could be given if it is determined that a competitor has deliberately failed to do required movements to gain time on his/her competition.

A 30-second Spirit-of-the-Game penalty could be given for ammunition below 600 fps.

Spirit-of-the-Game penalty is not limited to shooting a stage of competition. If the posse marshal asks a competitor to help work and they refuse, a penalty could be assessed. A reminder this game is about having fun. Leave bad attitudes at home, put a smile on your face, and enjoy the day!

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There are no alibis for a gun malfunction and no re-shoots for a gun or ammunition malfunction. A shooter may have a reshoot in the cases of:

In this case the shooter starts over with no penalties or misses (except safety procedurals).

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