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Remember to think safety first and always. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see anyone handling a firearm improperly, but also remember to be courteous. If someone points out that you’re handling a firearm carelessly, be grateful, not upset, it’s better to be corrected than have someone get hurt.

Safety Rules

  1. NTR is a cold range--Absolutely no loaded firearms at anytime except at the loading table and firing line.
  2. Treat and respect every firearm as if it were loaded.
  3. Eye and ear protection is required for all competitors and spectators. Safety glasses with side shields highly recommended.
  4. Percussion firearms may have chambers preloaded, but capped only at the loading table or on the firing line.
  5. Revolvers are to always have the hammer down on an empty chamber (or between chambers if using a 5-shot revolver) when loaded.
  6. No breaking a 170 degree plane with any firearm at any time during the stage. Draws from a cross draw must be done so the muzzle of the revolver is not breaking the 170 degree rule. 1st infraction—disqualification from the stage; 2nd infraction—disqualification from the match.
  7. The shooter’s finger may not be in the trigger guard and the revolver may not be cocked before it is pointed down range: 1st infraction—disqualification from the stage; 2nd infraction—disqualification from the match.
  8. The shooter shall never be allowed to move with a cocked, loaded firearm in hand. Once the firearm is cocked, one foot must remain in place on the ground until the firearm is made safe. 1st infraction—disqualification from the stage; 2nd infraction—disqualification from the match.
  9. Disqualifications are to be made only by the Posse Marshal, Safety Officer, or Match Director.
  10. All long guns will have actions open at all times except on the firing line or when they are in cases.
  11. Long guns in gun carts must be in a vertical position with muzzles up and actions open.
  12. When carrying firearms to loading or unloading tables, muzzles must be in vertical position, pointed straight up.
  13. A dropped unloaded firearm ends the stage for a shooter. A dropped loaded firearm will result in a match disqualification. The firearm will be retrieved and cleared by Posse Leader or Range Officer.
  14. A dropped round on the ground/floor is a dead round and must be picked up at the end of the stage.
  15. Everyone will load, stage, and unload his/her own firearms, except for those physically challenged needing assistance.
  16. No fanning or twirling a firearm at any time.
  17. Horizontal long guns should be staged with at least the trigger guard on the rest.
  18. Shotguns are staged with magazines and chambers open and empty and are loaded under the clock.  All empty shells must be ejected before grounding.
  19. No more than two rounds may be loaded into shotguns at a time.
  20. Initially load rifles and revolvers at loading table only and only when the loading table is manned.
  21. No smoking at loading/unloading table or firing line.
  22. Shooter is to retrieve his/her own firearms and go directly to manned unloading table after stage is completed.
  23. Squib or magnum velocity loads.
  24. All participants must attend a safety meeting before shooting in any event.
  25. Only pistol caliber rifles are allowed.
  26. Refusal to follow the Stage Marshal, Match Director, or Range Safety Officer’s direction regarding safety or procedural rules will be grounds for match disqualification.
  27. No alibis or reshoots will be given for shooter’s equipment malfunctions. Shooter can lay down the gun with barrel downrange, take the misses for that gun and complete the stage on the clock.
  28. Handling guns off the line will only be done in designated areas.
  29. No alcohol allowed during shooting hours. No illegal drugs at any time!

Rules & Regulations Penalties Air Horns and Flags

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